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Yangarra Estate Vineyard

Yangarra has a distinctly rural feel. Neighbouring farms are not vineyards, but include cattle and horse studs and even the odd camel farm.

Due to the similarities of the terroir between McLaren Vale and the Southern Rhone region of France, Yangarra grows only grape varieties that are exclusive to the appellation region of Chateauneuf du Pape. This plays to McLaren Vale strengths for Grenache and Shiraz (Syrah) but includes a number of varieties less common in Australia, several of which have been blended into two new wines.

Yangarra is yet another estate that has its beginnings near the early days of wine in Australia. Vines had been planted by 1850, and the elevated property is home to what is considered the oldest Grenache vines in Australia. 

Fraser’s wine making techniques and philosophies extract the very best by keeping human intervention to the least. Let nature, time and nurture do the work. 

Peter Fraser was a finalist for Young Winemaker of the year in 2002, and he guided Yangarra to winning International Winery of the Year from Wine & Spirits in 2005 and 2006 and Halliday named him Winemaker of the Year in 2016. His most recent award was for the High Sands Grenache that was named Wine of the Year 2020 by Halliday. 

For all the accolades, however, it is still about the wine. While he refers to his approach as traditional, that does not mean he is not also focusing on innovation. The 2015 vintage of the Roux Beauté  Roussanne was fermented and matured in 675 litre ceramic eggs and promptly named one of the most exciting wines of the year. 

The ceramic eggs, which wine journalist Tony Love likened to “alien-looking vessels” that may have come from the 1990s sci-fi comedy Coneheads, are used to produce a clear and bright characteristic to selected Roussanne and Grenache wines. Far from being sci-fi, however, this excellent article by Joshua Malin in VinePair reveals that clay amphorae have been used in some of the earliest wine production and transport.

With medals and ratings that are only a point or two short of ‘perfection’, Yangarra Estate wines are a ‘must taste’ pleasure of the McLaren Vale region.


Since 2000 Peter Fraser has been the winemaker and driving force behind Yangarra Estate Vineyard. Peter has logged thousands of hours in the cellars and vineyards of Australia, Spain, France and the U.S. Prior to joining Yangarra Estate. His list of awards and achievement continue to grow. Most of all, his knowledge of the technicality of winemaking allows him to focus on the art of winemaking.

Interesting Facts

While ceramic eggs are a much talked about feature of the winemaking at Yangarra Estate these vessels come from a very long history in winemaking. In Georgia, Russia (also home of Saperavi) they have been making high-quality wine in ceramic amphorae for over 8000 years. The characteristics of the ancient method, are highly prized. Perhaps you too should try these outstanding wines.

Yangarra Tasting Options

Your Luxury Winery Tours premium tasting at Yangarra provides access to the premium and flagship wines of Yangarra Estate. Subject to availability, tastings may be conducted as a private tasting.

Yangarra Featured Wines

  • Yangarra High Sands Grenache
  • Yangarra Ironheart Shiraz
  • Yangarra McLaren Vale Shiraz
  • Yangarra Ovitelli Grenache

(Halliday ratings from 96 to 98)