Inkwell is an independent, artisan organic and sustainable producer of high quality wines

Inkwell Wines

Inkwell Wines are as individual as terroir in which the vines grow and the sustainable practices that evoke their quality. They are a “fingerprint of place’.

As a statement of this individuality, Inkwell do not enter wine competitions or let populist views on wine drive their practices. Their commitment to single estate, certified organic wines that are as free from the “man-made” elements as possible also drives their pursuit for quality. This yields wines that are characteristically different from most other wineries (even in McLaren Vale). As you taste their wines, you stop trying think about what a wine “should” taste like, and instead, you are liberated by exploring the character and drinking experience of the wine you are tasting.

The commitment to sustainability at Inkwell permeates everything they do,  including the boutique accommodation called the Hotel California Road. The hotel and the tasting room itself are made primarily from  recycled materials, but don’t think that leads to a compromise in quality. Both quality and sustainability are in their blood.


Dudley Brown is often listed as the Chief Winemaker, but he is quick to say that this is a team effort with partner Irina (viticulturist) just as involved in winemaking. Care, passion, attention to the “fingerprint of place” set these wines apart.

Interesting Facts

Irina earned a Masters and PhD in Sustainability in Viticulture at the University of Adelaide and provides consulting services in regard to sustainability systems (regional, group or individual) and certifications, including organic, sustainable and ISO14001.

Inkwell itself is fully certified organic.

Your Tasting Options

Your Luxury Winery Tours premium tasting experience at Inkwell Wines is one that is not to be missed. While the standard tastings are available to you, we have something special. Spend your time in the tasting with either Irina or Dudley who will take you through a specially crafted tasting that caters to your particular interests. During the tasting you will also hear the Inkwell story first-hand and learn about their organic and sustainable practices, what it means for the wines. Their passion for wine is infectious!

Inkwell Featured Wines

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  • Inkwell Shiraz
  • Inkwell Grenache
  • Inkwell Primitivo