Women of the Vales


This collection of experiences will showcase the talent of some of McLaren Vales outstanding women viticulturalists and winemakers. Different styles, different collections but all amazing wines.

1. Gemtree Wines 
2. Oliver’s Taranga
3. Lunch at Maxwell Wines
4. Bekkers
5. Inkwell Wines


McLaren Vale is blessed with a significant number of women viticulturists and winemakers that have made substantial contributions to Australia’s wine industry. This tour visits their wineries and provides a chance to taste their outstanding wines. The suggested wineries will change over time because we have so many from which to choose.

Gemtree, now a five star winery, has grown to be a major producer in the region since its establishment in 1998. Melissa Brown nurtures the certified organic and biodynamic vines to produce fruit with outstanding character. The Obsidian Shiraz crafted by husband, Mike, is an absolute must try and buy wine!

Oliver’s Taranga was established just over 170 years and six family generations ago. It was not until Corinna Wright came onto the scene that winemaking became an established part of  to their operations.

Maxwell’s recently recruited Kate Petering as Head Winemaker after outstanding achievements at Mt Langi Ghiran. We can’t wait to experience her influence on Maxwell’s creative journey.

Bekkers has already been producing top-scoring wine that is elegant and finessed for years. Their Shiraz and Grenache simply must be tasted and will no doubt be added to your collection. Emanuelle Bekker is the winemaker. 

Inkwell brings us back to another of McLaren Vale’s star organic viticulturists and winemaker. Irina Santiago-Brown creates magic in the vineyard. Together with her husband, Dudley, also a winemaker, they craft wines that are different, even for McLaren Vale. A rewarding experience.

Tasting Options

Luxury Winery Tours is able to access a range of premium tastings as part of our tours. We also have some special options either unique to our customers, or provided by the wineries. See the details below for wineries on this tour with special options.

Overview of Gemtree Wines Options

Gemtree is well-renowned and highly-regarded for its Certified Organic and Biodynamic practices. These translate into high-quality fruit for winemaking. Luxury Winery Tours offers two special tasting experiences not available to the public. The Private Tasting Experience that offers a select group of wines for tasting, or you can combine the tasting with a guided tour and learn more about Organic and Biodynamic practices from the experts. See the details on our Gemtree Wines page.

Inkwell Tasting Option

Enjoy a private tasting with one of the winemaker/viticulturist owners of Inkwell Wines and learn about the Inkwell Certified Organic practices that result in exceptional fruit for exceptional wines. This special tasting provides access to Inkwell’s premium wines on journey of discovery and is unique to Luxury Winery Tours.

See more details on our Inkwell Wines page.

Featured Wines from this Tour

  • Gemtree April’s Dance Sparkling NV
  • Gemtree 2018 Grenache (95)
  • Gemtree 2018 Mataro (95)
  • The Phantom Red Blend 9
  • Gemtree 2015 Ernest Allan Shiraz (97)
  • Gemtree 2016 Obsidian Shiraz (97)
  • Oliver’s Taranga Shiraz
  • HJ Reserve Shiraz
  • 2005 HJ Reserve Shiraz (Museum Release)
  • M53 Shiraz
  • DJ Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon
  • Maxwell NV Envious Sparkling Chardonnay Pinot Noir
  • Maxwell Four Roads Grenache
  • Maxwell Ellen Street Shiraz
  • Maxwell Eocene Ancient Earth Shiraz
  • Bekkers 2016 McLaren Vale Syrah (97)
  • Bekkers 2016 Syrah Grenache (97)
  • Bekkers 2016 Grenache (97)
  • Inkwell Deeper Well Series
  • Inkwell Shiraz
  • Inkwell Grenache
  • Inkwell Primitivo

*Note that some featured wines may not be available for tasting. (And maybe it’s a little ambitious to try them all anyway!)


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