Sinatra in the Vales

 Overview: Why Sinatra? Well, for most people two songs spring to mind. New York New York and My Way. Since we are not in New York, this tour is a tribute to those who really are doing it their way. And now it’s your turn to build a tour… Your way. The wineries, winemakers and wines that you really want to experience.

Browse our growing list of Luxury Winery Tours partners, then use the booking system below to select two wineries in the morning, your lunch option, and two wineries in the afternoon. When selecting you winery tasting experiences you can choose any of the winery experience upgrades.


McLaren Vale has everything from icon wineries like Hardys, Wirra Wirra and d’Arenberg through to a vibrant collection of small, boutique, premium wine producers and a range of those who experiment and do it their way. They push the boundaries and experiment with new (to Australia) varietals and new techniques to enhance flavour, quality and enjoyment.

On our site we have tried to profile a range of wineries that can offer you the opportunity to experience the breadth of what McLaren Vale has to offer. We have also worked with some of them to bring you a range of special tasting experiences. You can use our Sample Itineraries for inspiration to construct your own tour or just go with your intuition.

We would love to take you on your very own custom tour!

Tasting Options

Luxury Winery Tours is able to access a range of premium tastings as part of our tours. We also have some special options that are unique to our customers. See the details below for wineries with special options and check the details through the links to our winery pages. This is a growing list of special experiences!

Overview of Tasting Options

Overview of d’Arenberg Options As an Icon Winery of McLaren Vale, d’Arenberg has created a large range of experiences for visitors. Some are available every day, and some are morning or afternoon only. Check our d’Arenberg page for details. Some examples include The Premium Tasting, The Blending Bench (blend your own wine), Varietal Discovery (guides you through the wines and tasting techniques), The Dead Arm Vertical Tasting, and more…

Overview of Gemtree Wines Options

Gemtree is well-renowned and highly-regarded for its Certified Organic and Biodynamic practices. These translate into high-quality fruit for winemaking. Luxury Winery Tours offers two special tasting experiences not available to the public. The Private Tasting Experience that offers a select group of wines for tasting, or you can combine the tasting with a guided tour and learn more about Organic and Biodynamic practices from the experts. See the details on our Gemtree Wines page.

Hardys Tintara Options

The Hardy family has been a part of the history and growth of the Australian wine industry since 1853. While they have grown and evolved, they have still kept their original home in the converted flour mill in the heart of McLaren Vale. Luxury Winery Tours offers a special tasting experience at Hardys Tintara. Choose any 5 or the 8 award-winning wines from the Icon and Single Vineyard ranges. The Hardys experience has many extras including the tour of the working winery, the historic buildings and even the Fleurieu Arthouse. See more details on the Hardys Tintara page.

Hugh Hamilton Options

The Hamilton family is now in its sixth generation of winemaking. From early in his winemaking career, Hugh Hamilton wanted to do things differently, and became synonymous with the Black Sheep. Hugh has been an early adopter of different varieties and blends. If you appreciate creativity blended with quality, then visit this winery. Tasting options include The Flock, Tasting of the Senses, The Premium Tasting, and The Bloodline Tasting that guides you through the history while tasting the ultimate in their flagship wines. See details at our Hugh Hamilton Wines page.

Inkwell Tasting Option

Enjoy a private tasting with one of the winemaker/viticulturist owners of Inkwell Wines and learn about the Inkwell Certified Organic practices that result in exceptional fruit for exceptional wines. This special tasting provides access to Inkwell’s premium wines on journey of discovery and is unique to Luxury Winery Tours.

See more details on our Inkwell Wines page.

Featured Wines from this Tour

The Featured Wines that are part of the Sinatra in the Vales Tour will vary according to the wineries and lunch experience you select. A sample listing of the wines is included here in case it helps you select your wineries.

  • Bekkers 2016 McLaren Vale Syrah (97)
  • Bekkers 2016 Syrah Grenache (97)
  • Bekkers 2016 Grenache (97)
  • d’Arenberg Standard wines
  • d’Arenberg Premium wines
  • d’Arenberg Flagship wines
  • Gemtree April’s Dance Sparkling NV
  • Gemtree 2018 Grenache (95)
  • Gemtree 2018 Mataro (95)
  • The Phantom Red Blend 9
  • Gemtree 2015 Ernest Allan Shiraz (97)
  • Gemtree 2016 Obsidian Shiraz (97)
  • 2016 Black Blood I Shiraz (95)
  • 2016 Black Blood II Shiraz (95)
  • 2016 Black Blood III Shiraz (95)
  • 2015 Black Blood III Shiraz (96)
  • 2014 Pure Black Shiraz (95)
  • Black Sheep Club exclusive wines
  • Inkwell Deeper Well Series
  • Inkwell Shiraz
  • Inkwell Grenache
  • Inkwell Primitivo
  • Maxwell NV Envious Sparkling Chardonnay Pinot Noir
  • Maxwell Four Roads Grenache
  • Maxwell Ellen Street Shiraz
  • Maxwell Eocene Ancient Earth Shiraz
  • Oliver’s Taranga Shiraz
  • HJ Reserve Shiraz
  • 2005 HJ Reserve Shiraz (Museum Release)
  • M53 Shiraz
  • DJ Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon
  • Tintara Yeenunga Shiraz 2015 (95)
  • Tintara Upper Tinatara Shiraz 2016 (97)
  • Tintara Blewitt Springs Shiraz 2015 (97)
  • Tintara Reserve Grenache 2016 (96)
  • Eileen Hardy Shiraz 2015 (98)
  • Thomas Hardy Cabernet (97)
  • Eileen Hardy Pinot Noir 2012 (97)
  • Eileen Hardy Chardonnay 2014 (96)
  • Yangarra High Sands Grenache
  • Yangarra Ironheart Shiraz
  • Yangarra McLaren Vale Shiraz
  • Yangarra Ovitelli Grenache

(Halliday ratings from 96 to 98)

*Note that some featured wines may not be available for tasting. (And maybe it’s a little ambitious to try them all anyway!)


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